Thursday, September 03, 2009


What have I been saying about Military Contractors ....

Think Class! I know you remember my feelings on this subject!

If a regular soldier dooes something wrong the Uniform Military Code of Justice comes in, and there

are consequences. Contractors meanwhile get away with some awful stuff. Wackenhut has mis-managed

prisons in the U.S. Now they have been disgracing themselves and the U.S. of A in Afghanistan. Most

of the regular military people I have met who have served in Afghanistan have been well

intentioned, and decent people, but I have yet to meet a contractor I could respect. If I have, I

did not know they were a contractor! Outsourcing military stuff, even the support stuff doesn't save

the government any money and it doesn't bring in a quality person either. Blackwater, Dyncorp, and

now Wackenhut have done real damage to U.S. interests because of the misconduct of their

employees. If contractors are going to be paid ten times what a regular soldier, marine or sailor

or air force guy is paid, then we have the right to expect a certain level of professionalism out

of them.

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