Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Muggy and cloudy in the Yakima Gulag

I went out fairly early to take care of business, you know little things like make sure I had the rent money...

It was cool enough that I needed a wind cheater JUPI! :) I got to the second bus stop though and I was simply BOILING away! I mean like the steam room in a Turkish bath type boiling away.

Last night I watched a televised play about the great Australian-American labor leader Harry Bridges and this included at the end a marvelous performance by Arlo Guthrie who is still a doll at his age! I remember a bit about Harry Bridges from my late mother speaking of him. She probably halfway knew him.

The Senior Center is closed Labor Day weekend and in any case, I will be home watching 'Band of Brothers' on Spike, the ultimate Guy Channel. I love Spike I love especially such shows as '1000 Ways to Die' I also have become a big fan of G-4 because it's well it's NERDY

It is always a delight to see my daughter, I shop where she works and yes there IS a connection, employ my kids and you will get my business.

I am enjoying the basically cooler weather a lot, I was sooooo tired of being too hot all the time!

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