Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Lynx dump Tuesday

Groundbreaking Report Identifies Canada's 'Lessons Learned' From the Failure in Rwanda


a small sample!

I can get behind this!:

he report provides evidence that genocide and mass atrocities not only shock the conscience of Canadians, they also threaten the national security and economic interests of Canada. Thanks to an increase in international travel by business people, aid workers and tourists, infectious disease outbreaks fueled by crowded refugee camps and breakdowns of health systems after mass atrocities in once ignored areas like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Zimbabwe now pose threats to public health in North America. Mass atrocities also promise to undermine the foundations of political stability in entire regions of the globalized international economy and threaten economic prosperity in Canada. More and more, the domestic well-being of Canadians is threatened by neglected crises in far away places. The report highlights the serious security, financial and political costs of Canada not acting to halt mass atrocities.

and in that vein, from the BBC


the forced assimilation of Bulgarian Turks is one of the least covered ethnic cleansing stories of the late 20 th century. It was easy not to cover it because of the Iron Curtain and I think also because of prejudice towards Muslims and for that matter Turks. Even a lot of Muslims forget this happened. And yes probably the exodus of Bulgarian Turks DID help bring down Communism in Bulgaria.

and this is a big WTF!?

2 Serbs Acquitted in Killing of Americans


No hindrance to extradition of Bosnian war crimes suspect;


and a big Stateside WTF!?


Alright, I am a Domestic Violence survivor, I have strong feelings about people who perpetrate this particular crime, but this was pretty damned unprofessional of the police, two tasings of a wheel-chair bound man was bad enough but the pants down in broad daylight part is really out of line!

and on a lighter note:

Serbia's raspberry harvest was a bit larger. Serbia is the biggest commercial source of raspberries.


Very interesting round-up. The acquittal is extraordinary.
yeah, and as an American I feel insulted!
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