Monday, March 28, 2011


News Flash:

We will see an Al Jazeera Balkans:

Jedva čekam! I already watch the English language service having been
introduced to it while living in Sarajevo.

The ever popular Balkan Insight Press Review.åaaa

I had no idea Bosnia was still Serbian airspace! !!?!!? Whiskey Tango

More to do with Libya than BiH but bears repeating:

Revolutions which take too long sour and become corrupt.

As well the need to help keep this revolution Libyan may require the
right sort of outside assitance. This cannot be done on the cheap,
otherwise there will be people from Al Qaida and so on. There aren't
now as Qaddaffi ruthlessly suppressed any sort of Islamist rebellion.
I hate seeing yet another war. And no it is NOT free pass for Obama
time. People in the opposition asked for the No Fly Zone.

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Hey, the Balkan Insight link isn't working; just an FYI.

Thanks as always for all the great information you pass along.
Sorry, I have been fearfully neglecting this blog. Mostly due to toothaches and being very busy at the time. I probably can''t fix that link at this late date.
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