Thursday, March 03, 2011


Six years :

The anniversary of this blog's beginning was really in February. We
started in February 2005. It's mostly been fun. It's been a way to
share news of the Balkans region and to keep in touch with family and
friends. when I lived abroad. If I posted, they knew all was well. I
have seen a lot of the Balkans Blogosphere change. Some links in my
sidebar don't even lead to operating blogs anymore.
Some people seem to have simply disappeared, and their sites are
occupied by cyber-squatters.
A few actually did announce they would shut down. Sadly, many are
people I miss, because they had good things to say. Others defected to
places like Wordpress. I am staying right here inshAllah, because it
is easy to post here, easy to comment and I can't see changeing what
has worked for me.
I truely appreciate everyone who has read this blog over the past six
Hvala Vama najlijepše!!!!

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