Thursday, March 03, 2011


Criminalization of Islam:

Or Cultural Genicide Tennesse Style:|newswell|text|News|p

And reaction from Boš|mostcom

My own reaction to this nonsense:

1. In the United States of America we have a
Constitution which proclaims full liberty of religion and it's
practice. Unless a religious group were to take public incest orgies
followed by caninal feasts, pretty much. Well polygamy is illegal in
the U.S. In fact it's actually illegal in a few predominantly Muslim

Most requirements of Sharia law are harmless. Women in fact DO have
rights under Sharia law that were not available to Western, Christian
women until the mid- 20th century.

I think given how many bills for the sale of beer and wine this guy is
in on, that really he is afraid booze might be harder to get. If this
fellow were not such an obvious šupak, I would offer to take him bar-
hopping in Sarajevo. 90% Muslim city. Booze is freely available and
cheaper than in most of the US. The mere presence of Muslims doesn't
guarantee Sharia law any more than the mere presence of Jews
guarantees Halacha law. Most aspects of these legal systems apply to
private life, or can easily be accomadated.

In fact if Christians were still applying the Christian customs and
mores, it would look a lot like either Islam but you get booze and
pork, or Judaism without the pork, but you still get the booze. This
man is such an ignorant and biggoted šupak. I hope most Tenneseans
have more sense than him.
I hope the ACLU gets all over him like killer bees.
I am going to keep up with this story.

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