Monday, March 21, 2011


Late Lynx:

Balkans nations so far in support of air strikes:

By the way, one day I was walking into Bascarsija and I looked up
there was Bakir Izetbegović looking right at me! I knew it was him
because of a documentary I saw about the famous Sarajevo Tunnel. He
was instrumental in building it. He has red hair and was noticeable.
Granted, I look fantastična in purple.

I met one of the guys who dug in there on my very first day going
about alone in Sarajevo. I in fact bought some of the famous bullet
pens from him. I recognized him when he was interviewed. He also makes
other brassware.

Usual Mess:

has anyone else noticed how the smaller a minority is the more they divide? Croats have enough trouble in BiH without splintering the way they have been.

I feel very torn about Libya. On the one hand it's yet another war, on the other Qaddafi is completely off his rocker. There was one picture of him wearing a crown -like headgear and a lot of other gold on top of a camoflage uniform. More Micheal Jackson-like than colonel-like! He definately can't offer Michael Jackson's dance abilities, or the physical beauty Michael Jackson had before all the plastic surgery. In fact even AFTER all the plastic surgery Micheal Jackson looked better! And The Gloved One never lost his talent, even after he lost it mentally. Also Micheal Jackson was not in charge of a large country. But I digress....
There are a lot of people who feel the U.S. should butt out. I don't know, here Qaddaffi has been shamelessly slaughtering his own people live on Al Jazeera, CNN, and etc. His people have had enough. Drop some bombs. Drop some food pallets, get some medical aid in there. I wish we'd gone into Bosnia sooner. Frankly my Rubicon was not in Bosnia, but Croatia. Can we all say 'Vukovar'? That is when we should have done something.

The African Union is Qaddaffi's little club. The Arab Keague should have LISTENED when Secratary Gates said that a no-fly zone means initially you bomb some stuff.

The Opposition is grateful. That is what should matter.

I don't think even Qaddaffi's own family love him. At best he must be a huge embarrassment. They have to know they too will go down.
They just stick around because they can't figure out how to get out. All of them are dirty.

Mubarak had the sense to bail, before it got too ugly, Ben Ali bailed, again before it got too ugly.

Both Egypt and Tunisia have a chance. Libya
I hope gets it's chance now. A long slow war would radicalise people. A rapid transition to democratic government is the best hope.
Sunday, I saw Netanyahu on Piers Morgan's show. Israel fears that democracybwould lead to a situation like Lebanon or Iran. Both started off as reform movements. Netanyahu is kind if leaving out the fact that the more protracted all this is, the likelier it is to end badly for EVERYONE. all those dictators used Israel as a scapegoat for EVERYTHING. Israel has a lot to answer for. But Israel is not the cause of dictators and corruption in the majority of Middle Eastern countries, or the lack of hope or the poverty. The people have figured that out. That is actually good news for Israel.

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