Monday, March 07, 2011


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File under 'Unaccetable!'

Several Mladić associates in R.S. government:

Divjak Remanded into custody:

Purda however is back home in Vukovar:

And from Balkan Insight:

The sad thing is how many Bosnians are working for the various horrible military contracting companies. These people are probably seriously underpaid considering the risks.

Also from Balkan Insight, Interesting if true:

Tourism Corner: Really I enjoyed my time in Bosnia. I think some good recomendations are in this article:

Not Balkans Related:

Very sad fate of animals during uprising in Egypt.

These animals worked hard for their owners. As well a lot of work goes into training them. I happen to feel sorriest for the horses. They are the least able to cope in a bad climate, but camels and donkeys are tame animals. The only place you see truely feral camels is Australia. Dromadaries have no true wild population. Well treated they are actually pretty docile. I am glad someone is trying to be of help to all these animals.

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Thanks for that link to the piece about Dirty Dodik's friends. As you say, unacceptable.
The great numbers of war criminals embedded in the military and police of both entities is very bad. Who the Hell wants to go home to that? I sure wouldn't!
It is especially perturbing that so many who served with the cetnik side are in the Federation army and police. That fact would make going home to ANY small town in BiH a daunting proposition. This is why Sarajevo has so nany people from other parts of BiH.
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