Saturday, July 30, 2011


Divjak Back Home:

And eviction in Banja Luka resisted with hand grenades;

Kultur Korner:

This ought to be good

I like Aida Begić.

Oh for those who can't read Croatian:


End of Sarajevo Film Festival:

This is who SHOULD have been on the red carpet in Sarajevo:

This is who was:

Not at all thrilled.

Friday, July 29, 2011


A Very Strange Read:

The Norwegian terrorist who committed an atrocity on his own people admires Karađžić and other war criminals:

Thursday, July 28, 2011


SFF itd:

Deadlock, a game for young and old:

And why does this story leave me so unsurprised?

Kultur Korner:

Tanović has done well off 'No Man's Land'

And NeKulturno Korner:

Well not entirely the president said the right thing...

Of general interest:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Various and Sundry From the Clipping Service:

From SFF:

And news of aircraft used by the Bosnian Armed Forces:

I have been bit by bit improving. Night before last my oxygen machine died. I called and they brought me a new one.

It's quieter, less like a small plane warming up and more like a train at a great distance.


Unstoppable Robot Eats Landmines for Breakfast - Discovery News

The Digger D-3 is the most recent addition to my own personal list of robots not to stand in front of. It's a mine-clearing robot, and not the sort of mine-clearing robot that pokes around with a metal detector. Instead, it's the sort of mine-clearing robot that just sucks it up and tells the landmines to bring it.

At the front of the D-3 is a giant spinning metal pulverizer-thing-of-death, which has tungsten hammers that beat down almost a foot into the ground, turning everything they touch into mulch. This includes landmines, and although the mines do tend to blow up before getting shredded, the robot hardly seems to notice.

An operator commands this beast from a safe distance using a remote control unit. The hull of the robot is made up of hardened steel plates in a "V" shape to help limit any damage from antitank mines and unexploded shells of sizes up to 3 inches, and the D-3 has been able to successfully ingest mines containing as much as 17.6 pounds of explosive, which is nothing to sneeze at. The only potentially vulnerable spots are the air intakes, which are themselves protected from flying shrapnel by special grates. At full throttle, the D-3 can reliably clear a comforting 100 percent of landmines from the ground at a rate of 10,763 square feet per hour, while also divesting the land of any unwanted shrubbery and unlucky mole colonies.

Despite all the protection, machines do break down on occasion, and Digger has taken the somewhat unusual step of making the robot as easy as possible for other people to repair. The guts of the robot are straightforward to access, the armor has been designed to be easy to weld, and Digger even provides plans so that if you have the means, you can build your own spare parts. The reason for doing this is that Digger wants the D-3 to be able to make a difference in far-flung communities crippled by the threat of landmines, and to do that, you need an extremely reliable robot.

NEWS: Robots Reveal Why We Share

The future for the D-3 likely lies in some form of limited autonomy, but don't worry: The people who actually end up using this thing don't like the idea of it being fully autonomous any more than you do. Expect it to eventually be able to obey pretty specific instructions like "go here," as opposed to commands like "hey, why don't you find a spot where you think there might be landmines, beat it into a pulp, and come back when you're done."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Support for Divjak:

Monday, July 25, 2011


No plea:

Goran Hažić is playing according to the usual playbook.


Slow news day:

I'm sure more stuff will show up later.

I woke early, I thought I smelled coffee. I didn't, I thought I smelled distant wild-fires. I was not alone in smelling that.

That smell was so strong last night that I had to totally close my window. The oxygen machine produces some heat, so it got warm in here. I feel ok despite all that. Even waking up feeling very stiff, I still can feel some strength coming back. I still am taking it easy. I don't want to push myself and have a set-back.

Lost another inch off my waist.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sunday Pages:

Kultur Korner SFF:

Saturday, July 23, 2011


General Shalkasvili died:


Karadđžić Trial:'s-wartime-authority-assessed-.html

Kultur Korner:

Still feeling wobbly, but my voice is a little better.

Friday, July 22, 2011


A few more things from the clipping service:

Kultur Korner:

Sarajevo Film Festval:

I certainly enjoyed the festival in 2008.


Hadžić Extradited to The Hague:

This is why Hadžić was a wanted man.

Mladić assigned new lawyer:

I am having problems with my Internet connection. It must be the wind.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


War Criminals Sought in Canada:


First McDonalds in BiH

I don't think it is going to hurt the čevapi business.

Mladić being a pain again:

The original article requires a strong stomach.

It is bad that anyone, male or female is raped during war. It happens to children as well.

One telling statistic concerning the Bosnian war is that 80% of males in the camps reported having been raped.

That is a shocking number, whatever gender you speak of.

The male victims of war time rape don't get the help they need. Yes women victims are the majority, both in war and peace, anyone who has undergone this experience needs help.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Well today was a hair rougher. Speaking of hair, I did my hair and because it is long, and I don't feel so hot, it was a workout. I rested when I was done, and then had a rather long terrible coughing fit. Damn near threw up. So I did the first thing I learned in the hospital which is sit up if that happens. Then I went and got coffee, even though after 12:00 pm I don't usually drink coffee. It helped, first by being hot and second by being coffee..
The coughing fit went a good 20 minutes. I had a couple lemon drops. Frankly some nice maraskino would have been wonderful just then. Alas unobtainable in the Yakima Gulag! So lemon drops it was. This coughing spoiled my appetite, so, I had kefir, and later, the last of my lemon jello. I have to take my night pills. I will have more kefir. It usually is worse at night. I am not sure why I was coughing so much. Oh well.

The stupid nonsense over the debt ceiling and messing with people's Social Security, Medicare and Medicade enrages me. Mostly I am angry with this being a pawn. No one has any moral right to do that.
I pray for them to all pull their heads out of their @$$3$. failing that, I hope God will do justice. Not on the poor and have - nots but on those Hell bent on ruining the United States.


Hadžić Arrested:

This is good news:

The Milošević trial leaks:

A good photo essay. South East European Times has really stepped up their game.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Spanish Civil War:

This song is 'Aye Carmela' there are archival photos arranged to tell the story.

None are gruesome, but many are images people in BiH could relate to.

In fact there was a movie shown on TV called 'Aye Carmela' and the neighbors were much amused when I sang along
To 'Viva La Quince Brigada'

Check out this video on YouTube:


Police crimes during the Bosnian war:

Of COURSE they knew!

BiH Airlines suspends yet more routes.

Road safety is a real problem in BiH and Croatia. The police drink and drive, so it is hard to get them to care if anyone else does the same.

Physically I am a bit better. One positive part of this whole ordeal is I lost some real weight. I am down to a 35 inch waist. I have not been that trim in years. I certainly don't want the weight back. I plan to be careful not to over do food.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Bosnians Fail to Elect New P.M.:

Mladić that party animal on hunger strike? Oh puleeeez!!!

Bosnians have been key low wage workers in Slovenia:

Kultur Korner:


Thursday, July 14, 2011


Heatwave in BiH:

And Mladić gumming up the works as usual.

From 'The Daily Beast'

And corruption does eventually bite you in the butt:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


News Snips:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Turkey and BiH:'s-gains-challenges-and-future-aspirations/,7340,L-4093989,00.html

I am doing the worst of my laundry today. There's things from the worst part of my illness that no one else should have to deal with. It's taken awhile to even get strong enough to do this. I also washed the filter for the oxygen machine. Surprisingly, I found an animal hair. I don't have an animal, but there it was. You have to wash the filter weekly.
I feel noticeably better on oxygen. I still hope this is not long-term. I want to feel good breathing on my own.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Srebenica Burials

Here in my state:

Tito's Bunker:

Kultur Korner :

I remain very ill. At least I am coughing stuff up. The other good news is I lost weight. I need to. Actually, I could stand to lose a little more, but not too fast, I am still weak.

Sunday, July 10, 2011



I never heard of this site before:

I remember in 2008 watching the commemoration and burials at Potocari when I was at Club Easynet, an Internet cafe in Bašćaršija. I remember the woman who sat next to me crying. I cried myself.

I think of the people I knew and met who were survivors of Srebenica and the Siege of Sarajevo. I pray for them and the ones killed so coldly.

The awful truth is it could happen anywhere. We forget that at our peril.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Respects Paid To Srebenica Victims;

On a personal note, I was actually hungry for something other than chicken soup ! I had some chili without beans. Not the hot stuff. I am not ready for that yet.
I consider this progress.


War Crimes Suspect Faces Extradition :

It looks to me like the pattern of arrests is aimed at no one group.

Friday, July 08, 2011


News links for today:

I think Dodik is off base as usual.

I am feeling a little better today. My appetite is better. I lost ten pounds while I have been sick. Those ten pounds needed to go away anyway. How they went I don't recommend.
I would have preferred lots of nice walks.
I sleep a lot. I eat soup mostly and V-8 juice. The low sodium kind.

The worst part was the diarrhea. That was humiliating. I am so glad that is over with.
Some dumb-ass at the hospital thought I needed stool softeners! Who the Hell gives someone with non-stop diarrhea a stool softener? I sure didn't need that!

I am very glad to be home.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Commemorations of Srebenica Genocide:

Ireland is a regular and valued contributor to UN peace-keeping forces. So obviously there would be strong interest in this issue.

More on Tadić's visit to Sarajevo:

And help for Bosnians in Arizona:

And American young people go to Bosnia:


Tadić's visit to Sarajevo:

I did not know that Tadić was born in Sarajevo.


Mladić trial:


My illness:

I have had pneumonia, as noted earlier. I am still on oxygen and will be for awhile. The worst part so far is I wake up coughing. I don't bring much of anything up. I have very little energy. As well I don't have a normal appetite. Things that taste good to me normally are almost unbearable.

I can't endure cake for example. My daughter is a fantastic baker, and this hurts her feelings. It just doesn't taste good.

Sodas I normally love taste so bitter, I thought they'd given me diet soda. Of course it doesn't help if you find yourself passing the green and blue dyes.
That is outright scary!

I find some foods just too intense right now. Chili, a favorite, forget it not happening.

I do handle V-8 juice and chicken soup though. That makes a difference. I feel better with those. And lemon drops to try and calm the coughing.

The worst is I probably need to get a home health aide.

I have been used to walking a lot. It will be nearly winter before I can do that. I will be missing Folklife this year due to my sheer lack of energy. I did not go see the fireworks. I was too weak.

All the same the fact I did walk so much is probably helping me now.
It will take some time but I should recover. It just won't be an overnight bounce-back.

I was in hospital 5 days which for America is a long time. They almost sent me to a nursing home. Thank God that was not needed!

So all things considered I am making decent progress. Thank God!

I also owe my daughter a HUGE thanks for three trips to the ER and for bringing the grandbabies to see me.
And for bringing V-8 juice which the hospital did not have.

I owe the many good nurses and doctors at Regional thanks as well.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The promised alternative link:

And Scott O'Grady is running for office:

Not sure if this link will work. It's only about Međjugorije:

And Tadić is visiting Bosnia

And for Kultur Korner :


Al Jazeera is reporting:

Al Jazeera reported that the Hague has decided that in the case of 3 men the Dutchbat should not have handed them over or let them fall into Serb hands.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get the Al Jazeera link. I will check for other sources.

Monday, July 04, 2011


Mladić ejected from court:

I am still very sick. I am going to try being off oxygen long enough to cook something.

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Mladić will boycott trial date:

I have been gravely ill. Turns out The. Cold. From. Hell was pneumonia. I spent nearly a week in the hospital. Damn near died. Well I am home, on oxygen and hopefully I won't be sick too much longer.

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