Thursday, July 07, 2011


My illness:

I have had pneumonia, as noted earlier. I am still on oxygen and will be for awhile. The worst part so far is I wake up coughing. I don't bring much of anything up. I have very little energy. As well I don't have a normal appetite. Things that taste good to me normally are almost unbearable.

I can't endure cake for example. My daughter is a fantastic baker, and this hurts her feelings. It just doesn't taste good.

Sodas I normally love taste so bitter, I thought they'd given me diet soda. Of course it doesn't help if you find yourself passing the green and blue dyes.
That is outright scary!

I find some foods just too intense right now. Chili, a favorite, forget it not happening.

I do handle V-8 juice and chicken soup though. That makes a difference. I feel better with those. And lemon drops to try and calm the coughing.

The worst is I probably need to get a home health aide.

I have been used to walking a lot. It will be nearly winter before I can do that. I will be missing Folklife this year due to my sheer lack of energy. I did not go see the fireworks. I was too weak.

All the same the fact I did walk so much is probably helping me now.
It will take some time but I should recover. It just won't be an overnight bounce-back.

I was in hospital 5 days which for America is a long time. They almost sent me to a nursing home. Thank God that was not needed!

So all things considered I am making decent progress. Thank God!

I also owe my daughter a HUGE thanks for three trips to the ER and for bringing the grandbabies to see me.
And for bringing V-8 juice which the hospital did not have.

I owe the many good nurses and doctors at Regional thanks as well.

What a rough do. Glad you're pulling round now.
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