Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Well today was a hair rougher. Speaking of hair, I did my hair and because it is long, and I don't feel so hot, it was a workout. I rested when I was done, and then had a rather long terrible coughing fit. Damn near threw up. So I did the first thing I learned in the hospital which is sit up if that happens. Then I went and got coffee, even though after 12:00 pm I don't usually drink coffee. It helped, first by being hot and second by being coffee..
The coughing fit went a good 20 minutes. I had a couple lemon drops. Frankly some nice maraskino would have been wonderful just then. Alas unobtainable in the Yakima Gulag! So lemon drops it was. This coughing spoiled my appetite, so, I had kefir, and later, the last of my lemon jello. I have to take my night pills. I will have more kefir. It usually is worse at night. I am not sure why I was coughing so much. Oh well.

The stupid nonsense over the debt ceiling and messing with people's Social Security, Medicare and Medicade enrages me. Mostly I am angry with this being a pawn. No one has any moral right to do that.
I pray for them to all pull their heads out of their @$$3$. failing that, I hope God will do justice. Not on the poor and have - nots but on those Hell bent on ruining the United States.

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