Monday, January 31, 2011


Not Balkans Related But of Universal Interest:

Info on Egypt and on localized communications in the absence if a
functional Internet:

This is a really informative site! Hvala najlijepsa C.H.!

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Mladić's Son's Home Searched

Turkey steps in to help BiH form a new government.'flag-row

Bosnians stranded un Egypt have been calling for evacuation flights.

Egypt is a very popular vacation destination for Bosnians.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011


More From Bosnian Genocide Blog:

I need to warn any sensitive readers that the images in this post I am
re-blogging are aweful. They are further images from the concentration
camps around Prijedor. Some of these images were taken by journalists,
still others were smuggled out by a doctor.

As with the Holocaust in NAZI Germany, we should never forget the
genocide on non-Serb Bosnians:

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Massacre and Concentration Camos in War-time BiH:

I was sent this link in Comments. Some of the images are very
disurbing and sad. The camp was near to Prijedor.

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Robert Burns'Birthday:

So in honor of the day, I made bashed neeps for lunch. Since I don't
drink anymore, I did not have any 'adult beverages'

I miss them but they really aren't good for me. I miss the taste. It
would be neat if someone invented some non-alcoholic substitutes for
the various tastier forms of hard liquor. Oh well, the bashed neeps
are good. No haggis. I actually like haggis.

As a small child, I got taken to a Burns Supper and recited in full
'Tam O'Shanter. I was given a copy of the poem and made much of. Yes a
few of the Dead Ancestors are Scots.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yakima Srtna Rodjendan!

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A German Photographer and the Aftermath of the Bosnian War,7340,L-4015723,00.html

I do agree that the fact Bosnians are busily rebuilding their country
must not be overlooked. Yes much work is still ahead, both in healing
and repair, but to not cover the rebuilding is to give short shrift to
the resiliance of the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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War Crimes Suspect in Israel Denies Charges:,7340,L-4015723,00.html

Most people do deny such charges.

I don't know what anyone expected there. It will go to trial at one
point or another.

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Monday, January 24, 2011


A Project

What I like is that this is for all women in need.

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Part of the history of Bosnian Jewry:

This is from Danial's Srebenica Genocide Blog

Daniel also has pictures of the court appearance of the Serbian
Israeli citizen awaiting extradion to BiH for trial on war crimes
charges. Daniel's blog is a valuable store-house of information on the
genocide in Srebenica. Some of my Sarajevo neighbors, people I rode
the bus with were survivors of this terrible event. Je did another
thing I am remiss in not having done, Daniel thanked the government of
Israel for arresting this man. I add my thanks.

I am partly of Jewish descent, bit I admit I have not been a fan if
some if Israel's actions. I also know that Israel is neccesary. The
last Stateless people I know about, namely Roma area persecuted
people. The big difference is that Jews have a homeland and had a State.
I made a point while in Sarajevo of visiting some of the places
associated with Jewish history in BiH. I did not make it out to the
Sarajevo is not even the only place in BiH where there were Jewish

The Ottoman Empire took Jews from Spain as well as Spanish Arabs in as
refugees in 1492. They even sent ships to take the people to the
Right now, I am in a good bit of pain. I threw my back out . I wasn't
even carrying something heavy. I bent over too fast to get my
sunglasses which had fallen out of my coat pocket. I could barely
straighten up. I had a long hot bath hopeing to help the pain. It
helped last night. Today though, I hurt pretty bad. So I will be
taking it easy.
I wasn't even lifting anything heavy. That part is what is so weird.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Update on the whistleblower

This article has to do with the woman who revealed the dirty goings
with certain personel at DynCorp and the U.N. I really respect her for
trying to help people who really needed it. Sadly, human trafficking
is still a big problem regionally.

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War Criminal Arest in Israel, an update

Two things about this article,1. It explains how a Serb got Israeli
citizenship without being a Jew himself or at least part Jewish. His
wife and the children they have together are Jews. So he is able to be
an Israeli citizenship. 2. the arial photo of Branjevo State Farm is
credited to Srebenica Genocide Blog. Daniel often used to comment here.

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Friday, January 21, 2011


Unrest in Albania:

The BBC is reporting that the Socialist Party in Albania, over what
theybare saying was a corrupt election. The protests have been very
violent. Even by Albanian standards they are bad.

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three people died in these protests.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why I am not nuts about guns.

BalkansInsight Press Review:

God do these people save me work!

Alic gets 10 years:

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Israeli Citizen Arrested For War Crimes in BiH:

I found this to be a strange story. I thought that if you are not
Jewish or born on Israel, it is hard to get Israeli citizenship.

I am glad this man was arrested.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sarajevo City Hall/Library Rebuild Progress


Mladic Diaries Authentic:


A Lynx Dump:

I haven't done a lynx dump in awhile, so here goes:

Surgeons go to BiH to help, one is given a gift of suho meso in thanks:

Bosnia on the Security Council:

War crimes suspect deported from Florida.

Karadzic Denies Ethnic Cleansing!

All the same he was proud of inventing this term.

Five Bosnian Catholic Nuns To Be Beatified:

Bosnia's Mosques Come Under Attack:


Honey Brown Eyes Gets An Award:

And an Irish film about the Bosnian War:

I did watch the program on Karadzic, and realized I walked past his
bas-vibes former residence in Sarajevo a few times.

I got bad vibes from the
building and only now I know why. Sometimes I get those feelings and
later come to know what awful thing happened.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Lightening has anti-matter!,0,7611573.story


Documentary on Karadzic:

One nice benefit of the used iPhone is that there are some really
nice free apps. One of them is Al JAzeera comsumption in streaming.

This Sunday Al Jazeera is doing a documentary on Karadzic. I plan to
watch. Given that I don't feel so geat I need to stay in and rest

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Mutant Frog Zloty takes revenge

By installing one ear-worm at a time!
They sound a bit like Dubiozna Kollektiv. This is safe for work unless
you work for one of those proud to pollute the Earth industies.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Monday, January 10, 2011


Opinion piece on Dayton 15 years on:

Dodik says BiH falling apart:

Of course it's not like Dodik didn't contribute...

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Arizona Atentat/Massacre

Atentat is Bosnian for assasinaion. Assasinations was attempted upon
an American Congresswoman, and was successful on a well regarded and
decent judge. A beautiful little nine year old girl was killed. An
older gentleman died trying to protect his wife. The Congresswoman
lost an aide, she has a big time brain injury, and a young man is in
jail. I have been glued to CNN most of the time. I have a roaring
migraine and I am mad as Hell. I was a teenager during the era of hot
and cold running assasinations which blighted the 1960's. It was not a
happy time for my country. I don't think anyone realizes how
perilously close we were to civil war. I am not ready to say that is
the case now, but it will be if something isn't done to calm things
the Hell down. I feel utterly aweful about what has happened in
Arizona. In the end it really does not matter if this young person is
truely mad, which I doubt actually, was involved in any political
agenda or not, assasination is a deadly game for any country to find
itself in.

Friday, January 07, 2011


Sretan Bozic

To all Orthodox readers of this blog.


Yet More On the backs Of The Poor

Wasington State has already removed dental care and eye-gasses and hospice care and physical therapy adults recieving Medicaid.

Now they want to remove prescription drug coverage March 1. Look for a lot of people's health to deteriorate. Look for a lot of people on drugs necessary for mental health to fill the jails and the psychiatric wards.

Even Deep South states slammed as being unprogressive have not removed prescription drugs. The State of Washington famed as a progressive state is doing this.

To give you all an idea how stupid and short sighted this is, if a person on Medicaid goes to a dentist to get a tooth extraxted, it costs the state $50. The exact same extraction performed in the emergency room of a hospital costs $500.

If someone needs drugs to control high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol, the inability to purchase prescription drugs is a problem.

I had physical therapy for problems with my neck. The physical therapy kept me from needing narcotic pain relievers. A month of physical therapy, a life of me doing certain exercises daily and Naproxin daily. Oh and it probably prevented me from having to gave surgery.

Anything that gets people treated sooner than later is a win. Early treatment is nearly always cheaper. 

But noooo! We have to have cuts on things people who are poor need.

Some people on SSI have coped with Medicaid cuts by purchasing insurance. If their housing is cheap enough, it's doable and worth it. People on GAU only got $339 of cash assistance in a month. That often doesn't even cover shelter, let alone some dental and vision insurance or prescription coverage. People on GAU and GAX already are physically in poor health. Sometimes their mental health is not great. These are groups of people who already are barely making it. 

Because the sitting s governor happens to be a Democrat, she is upsetting people who normally vote Democratic at least some of the time. So this is yet another fail, because people don't relize that the legislature and the failure of the state income tax initiative have a lot to do with it. 

A lot of people who are ill-informed think it's because of people in our country without the right documents. No it isn't. People without the right documents don't see doctors or dentists. They take herbal remedies. Unless they give birth or are in an accident. 

Nationwide the problem was caused by big banking and by two wars, and housing speculation. People can't wrap their heads around that. We could subtract two wars, we could properly regulate banks, but I bet that won't happen any time soon.

Saturday, January 01, 2011



New Year's Eve in the Yakima Gulag:

I spent my evening at home, since the low was 10F and the high was 19F. They did have activities downtown, most years in fact I go, but, I just got over a nasty cold. I also fell on Christmas and was still pretty stiff. I figured cold is not anyone's friend at a time like that. Some neighbors across the hall made beef enchaladas &etc. So we enjoyed those and watched the ball drop in New York, and generally made merry. Then a friend I havn't seen in awhile called so she came over, we had egg-nog with 7-Up. Then the fireworks in the neighborhood started. Then small arms fire. A 22, a 45, and some stuff we were not certain about, but I put on the police scanner app and we listened. A 12 year old had alcohol poisoning. There was an insanely drunk person someplace. A guy head-butted his brother in the face. Then the dispatcher said, 'Your head-butter is at the hospital saying he was assaulted..' at some point in the proceedings a cop got on the air and said 'Happy New Years Everyone!' that doesn't even include the big fire down in the valley...

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