Monday, March 28, 2016



The Yakima Gulag has been feeling the Bern. Yes, we endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America. Single Payer health care, Free college, no more stupid wars, and the Jewish guy is far less of a Zionist than anyone else running. We personally attended two of his rallies. Key Arena in Seattle, and his Historic visit to the Yakima Gulag. Only 3 presidential candidates EVER have visited the Yakima Gulag. Teddy Roosevelt George W. Bush and Senator Bernie Sanders. If I were a Clinton supporter (..and I really am not...) this really would have turned me. He is a good speaker. He is right on damn near all my issues. With Sanders I don't feel the need to hold my nose as I mark my ballot. I feel good wearing his button. I've donated to his campaign and I am an actual delegate. It's also likelier he'd beat Trump. He'd even beat Kasich. Bernie just HAS to be the Democratic Party's nominee!

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