Sunday, November 17, 2013


Interesting story:

I am not feeling great today. I seem to have caught cold. Mr. T. Is a wonderful guy, but he seems to far prefer my cooking to his. Well, today, I have no business cooking! I made banana pancakes yesterday. We were supposed to go out. I was going to treat Mr. T. To lunch as it was his birthday. It's funny, he didn't want to go. I said, 'Well, it's your birthday, it's meant to be for you to enjoy. If you'd rather stay home, we can.' He didn't like the banana pancakes at first.
Later though, he gave them a second try and liked them. Thank God a couple were left! I warmed us each one and had coffee. Now I'm back in bed.
While I was up I read the latest big-print Reader's Digest. We aren't renewing all those magazines. He doesn't read them, and my younger sister gave me a Kindle for my birthday. I can get magazines on it and don't have to figure out how to pass them on!
In the latest Reader's Digest was the story of the American who piloted the Stealth Bomber which Serbian forces shot down. This was the story of how he got to meet the man who shot him down. It's quite a good 'As told to'
The families of the two men have become friends.
I confess to having read the Digest for years. The smaller size was handy because of my former vision difficulties. It was also easy to read lying down. The big print is good too, I have to sit up to read it.
I have my iPod and my Kindle now. Samo Napred!

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