Saturday, June 29, 2013


Black Prince Tomato Plant:

We suspect the urki next door. This plant was FLOURISHING day before yesterday!
There were numerous little blooms, and the same went for the Yellow Pear tomato.

Mr. T. and I brought the Yelliw Pear home from Bi-Mart. It was very big. We put it in the ground the very next day.

I saw the Black Prince at Home Depot. We put her in the ground later that day. She had a little transplant shock. Both suffered through and survived a late frost.

Yesterday, we noticed blackened leaves and we noticed that both plants had also bravely put forth fruits.

The neighbor was lurking about with one of those green plastic things that weed-killer comes in.

This old zeka was not born yesterday and neither was Mr. T.

We noted several hollyhocks which had been in good health are yellowed. Also a sun-flower which had just bloomed hung its lovely head. Probably my Rosemary, thyme and Italian parsley are gone as well.

I have never seen a well cared for sun-flower go down like that.

Tomatoes which have been hit by frost maybe, but there has been no frost here. We had at least 101°F in the heat of the day.

Anyway, I plan on finding out what poison was used. If it was something banned, he will be very sorry.

It's not necessarily something that's banned, it might even be glyphosate/Round-up, but that doesn't excuse the neighbour from taking precautions against mist drift. You have my every sympathy.
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