Friday, April 19, 2013


Events in Boston:

I have not wanted to say all that much about Boston. 
It was horrific. Obviously an act of terror, and too many rumors going around. I dislike contributing to an atmosphere of panic and rumor.
Apparently the perpetrators were Chechen.

Watertown was massively on lockdown. People were told to turn off their cell-phones.
Ordered to stay in, eventually evacuated in city busses...

This is all pretty crazy.

Also innocent people got profiled before the real suspects were shaken loose. Both ( one is dead) very young and very inept.
As I write this, one is still loose.
I'd like to see him taken alive to stand trial, but it's likely he won't.
They killed an MIT campus policeman. That is not how you get out alive if you are a bad guy.

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