Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Yakima Gulag and May Day

Yakima's May Day usually is a march. It was after 5:00 pm in a neighborhood I stay out of nowadays, unless I have a ride to and from or I am on the bus.

There probably wasn't anything else. I can't be as involved as I once was simply because I am doing good to get through a normal day. Mr. T. is well. He is not that involved with politics. He never was all that interested. He votes only in big elections and when he feels he understands what's going on for himself. I respect that. One ought not rely on others to decide what to think.

It was nice out. We got some glorious, absolutely fresh tortillas. I literally have not had such great tortillas in DECADES! Fiesta foods makes them fresh, you can watch and get a lovely fresh, hot bag.
I made some really good tacos.
We are kicking back.

A long time ago when my family lived in Mexico, we had business in Mexico City. There was a HUGE May Day demonstration and there were a lot of 'Yanquí Go Home' type signs. My mom and dad had to go where they ere going, and that meant right into Tlalteloco Plaza where this was all going on. Were they in the least molested? Quite the contrary!
People in the crowd gave them oranges and flowers and said, 'We like American people! It's the government we don't like!

With the Olympics coming up here in London I think of Tlatelolco and the terrible thing that happened there in 1968.
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