Monday, May 14, 2012


Weather is Wacko in BiH!

Mladić updates:

Not helpful:

War Crimes Trials Post-Hague:

I think this will go slowly at best...,

Good! About Damn Time!

I have been to Čaplinje and Stolać and nefore the war both places used to be more mixed. All the area now has segregated schools. Just because the deciding factor is religion, doesn't make it any better than racial segregation.

And Kultur:

Aida Begić has a new film and it will open the Sarajevo Film Festival. She is excellent!

I too used to show up on time to work though I cannot drive. I got no credit for that fact. I am DELIGHTED at this woman's success!'green'-growing-spices-values-culture-at-seasons'-melting-pot/

So far Mr. T.'s main gripe is apparently I snore terribly. He snores too. He sounds so funny when he snores.

If that's his worst complaint maybe it's not going so badly.

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