Sunday, May 06, 2012

He just said 'No' to war:

More on Angelina Jolie:

And no more excuses Mladić:,0,5531168.story

A really good article:

If Dodik doesn't like it, then it's got to be Good!

The only point I will ever concede to Dodik is that depleted uranium was a terrible thing to do to the region. While it primarily was done to Serbs, depleted uranium is a permanent problem, for EVERYONE.

Still suffering a cold. Right now my nose itches badly. I am on the mend at least. Poor Mr. T. has been by himself while I recovered here. It's been lonely for me as well. I did not want him getting sick too. At least we are only across the hall from each other. We send each other FB messages. I think I will be fine tomorrow.

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