Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sad News:

A school bus went down a ravine,

The real surprise is it doesn't happen more often. Last time I was there the roads needed a lot of work.

The link I want is misbehaving...

I will try to get that one up later.

Commemoration of war dead by all 3 sides:


It's a small village, but sometimes things start small.

And an accused plotter goes on trial in NYC:


And since Idajevo isn't in business anymore:


Oh he would say that, wouldn't he?


Story of Bosnian Jews in the war:



^ the link I tried to get on the bus accident. They are lucky to be alive.

* on a personal note, nerdieness is a very important factor in relationships, probably right up there with religion and politics.
A non-nerd is not a match for a nerd! Fortunately, we are both nerds! ت
So if someone feels less than sleepy at some weird hour no offense is taken.
Mr. T and I are getting along nicely. We went to see my son last Saturday. One household member has an interesting collection of allergies, my son is diabetic, we're Muslim, I am lactose intolerant and Mr. T has no teeth. So we had gourmet Mac & cheese with halal cheese.
Mr. T. is a very sweet guy. I thank God we have each other.

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