Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Weather in The Yakima Gulag is very good. I have sad news on a personal note.

My father passed Easter Sunday. I only got the word last night.

He was close 90 years old and was at peace at the end, a friend was there to hold his hand. His sufferings are at an end. He was very ill with kidney disease.
It's a testament to the man's toughness that he survived so long on dialysis. He was very accepting of people's differences. He was a painter of some talent.
I remember him actually making some of the toys my sister and I played with, hobby-horses, toy swords, blocks and other things.
He was very into physical fitness. We kids were taken on frequent, long walks.
I am sure the fact my sister and I are basically sound had a lot to do with that.
He and my mother were also very into healthy diet. Again, I think it was very good for us.

R.I.P. Dad!

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