Saturday, April 21, 2012


The New Blogger Set Up

The new set up is a hassle if you are working from a mobile device. I no longer use a desk-top, a lap-top or a net-book. It's been 100% mobile for some time now. It's easier for me to do in nearly every way. My main problem with the new set up is accessing comments and publishing them. I don't think that's good at all.
Long ago I had to go with comment moderation. Nearly all blogs discussing anything to do with the Balkans region are forced to make the choice between ludicrous flame-wars and comment moderation. Spam was also a factor. I am not here to be a spam-dump!
It's not like I get many comments in any case.
I know this blog is read many places. I know also that I really only have one regular commenter.
Anyway, bear with me please while I figure out the latest interface.

Your regular commentater has been a bit irregular for various reasons but delighted to be back and appreciating all the hard work that you do. There are so many interesting items that you spot that I would miss otherwise. I hope this is clean enough.
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