Sunday, April 15, 2012


I:00 am in the Yakima Gulag and All is Well:

So I am trying something I could not get away with before, posting from my iPod, directly in the form for the purpose, as opposed to by email.
Yesterday Mr. T and I went to visit Ivan The Terrible, Ministry of Technology. He has moved back from his out of area residence, and brought his girl-friend and another friend. They live in a nearby town. They came to my Nikahand we got to go there for dinner, a little sword-play and bowling on the Wii.
Mr. T. watched the fun and relaxed. We ate a delicious dinner of steaks, and Mac 'n cheese made from scratch.
We about hated to go home. Mr. T. has been well received in the family because he is so sweet, and funny. Also he really is a very good guy.

It's fun visiting at my son's hhis household is very relaxed and calm. We all had a lovely time. Thinking of a mutually edible and enjoyable dinner was fun. I was the one with the basic winning idea. Mac n cheese from scratch is lovely stuff, especially with colorful, vegetable pasta and two kinds of cheese.

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