Friday, April 06, 2012


20 Years After:


That sign could be in ANY good little shop in Sarajevo.

Except it's in St. Louis, MO...

Some worthwhile photos in here:

It wasn't awful, in fact it was kind of therapeutic...

On a personal note* those of you who read this blog may or may not care about things like

'What religion is Katja?'

'Is Katja married or single...itd etc.. Bla bla bla..

For those who do care, on my return from Bosnia and Hercegovina, I reverted to Islam. A lot of people say 'reverted' because we regard Islam as the original state of humans. I say reverted because I was Muslim at a young age, went away for a time and came back.
Recently a neighbor of mine, (we shall call him Mr. T. because we have to call him something...) let me know he really loves me. He is probably the nicest man I ever had the privilege of knowing. I did let him know I really liked him too, but Muslim ladies can't marry non Muslim men.
I asked if he would consider becoming Muslim also. I said, 'Take time to think it over. Ask me anything.'
Well a couple days later he said he would. So he took Shahada. We had a simple Muslim ceremony, attended by family and friends.

Mr. T. is a very kind, good man with no vices. We have been friends for some time. We share many interests, but we also are really different from each other. It's never too late for love. Life is short, and sometimes

Sometimes the Internet shreds part of a post..,
Sometimes you get what you least expected. ت
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