Monday, March 26, 2012


Karađžić Trial Update:

Ignatieff did some good reporting during the Bosnian War:

Dobbs on the Nuhanović case:

At the moment I am suffering an awful migraine. It feels like someone tried to scoop my brain out with a grapefruit spoon, without waiting for me to be dead.

Interesting review by Ignatieff, particularly the Scheffer insights. What a squalid dance Bill Clinton and Karl Rove performed. Clinton had humanity but when it came to a choice between humanity and self-interest it was no contest. Rove ensured that he was driven into that choice.

Dobbs's writing is a puzzle. He's conscientious, he understands the main issues of right and wrong, but he doesn't seem able to grasp the nuances or anxious to pursue them. He is admirably unequivocal, though, in recognising Stephen Karganovic for what he is.

Sorry about the migraine. I get relatively mild ones if I haven't eaten enough the night before and they're enough to knock me out for a day, so I have great sympathy for people who suffer from the head-splitting type.
Thank you, I think it may have been triggered by a mild attack of gout. I was A LOT better after eatting a whle can of cherries.
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