Thursday, March 22, 2012


Banned in Dubrovnik:

I have to see this!

And a sadder point of unity...

I hate to see anyone go on hunger strike! It somehow bothers me more than a lot of other things.

Montenegrin Muslims have Turkish support:

In fact it would be good to encourage this. Iran is not a desirable influence in the Balkans.

As well, Bosnian Muslims are Sunni, not Shi'a.

The Turks are natural allies anyway.

Another war crimes related case.

And what McCain had to say:

I wonder however if McCain would say this under a Republican administration?

Another thing, what is going on in Syria is a LOT worse at this point!

Bosnia Hercegovina isn't an Arab country, it's in Europe. Every time the U.S. And Europe start mucking about in the Arab world, it's a Bad Thing.

Yes some form of intervention is called for, but I think it'd better involve Arab countries and possibly Turkey.

We have had rain mixed with snow here. Very cold.

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