Monday, February 06, 2012


Xena Warrior Princess:

A neighbor invited me out to lunch. It was very nice. I went also for the first walk that I took entirely on my own. I do look forward to Spring. I plan to get out more because I need exercise.

Thanks you for the update on Katheryn Bolkovac. The woman is a hero and DynCorp are the lowest of the low for behaving as they did towards her and Johnston. Gagging clauses should be outlawed where crimes against humanity like these are concerned, in the same way that amnesties are no longer regarded as legally effective.

Interesting about Klein's disappearance. The UN has a lot of dirty linen - it will soon be the 20th anniversary of events in Vogosca that have still not been adequately investigated due to the Bosnian prosecutor being thwarted by UN/Canadian diplomatic immunity.

Your updates about Bolkovac are much appreciated.
I really have come to despise these military contracting firms. The impunity !!!
Sorry for how long this took to appear. It somehow wound up in my spam folder :(
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