Saturday, February 18, 2012


The Princess' Turbe

This image is one I have searched for for at least the last six years. It is the last resting place of Queen Katarina's daughter. It was in Skoplje, Makedonija.
The image here was taken before 1934. The turbe was largely destroyed by the 1963 earthquake.

Before that time people used to visit this grave. Little Katarina was maybe 10 when she died. By then she and her brother had become Muslim.
Little Katarina must have had a very good reputation for piety. Burial in a turbe is not for just anyone. It is a very special honor.

The turbe stood solid some 500 years. There are still remains of it.

I searched far and wide in CyberSpace for this image.

Very satisfying when research is eventually fruitful.
I was very nearly in tears, because it was a long search!
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