Wednesday, January 11, 2012


News for this evening:

Dutchbat Commander To Be Prosecuted?

Terror Plot by Serb Man in Banja Luka Foiled:

Karadžić Trial Update:

Warning! Upsetting Photograph!

A Man Who Set Himself On Fire By the Croatian Embassy in Sarajevo Last Week Died:

This man had a Muslim name. He was a former member of HOS.
This was an armed group of both Croats and Muslims active primarily in Hercegovina during the war.
He was desperate because he lost his award for his service in Croatia's armed forces during the war.
I did not see anything about it last week.

This really upset me.

I am sort of busy lately. My son and his girlfriend are here from back East. Lots of family doings. Had fun this evening. They are just nice.

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