Thursday, December 08, 2011



I tried to explain Salafism to someone this way once:

Imagine you have some Amish people, only they are not Christian, they are Muslim, and they reject most modern things except the gun and the bomb.

Salafists at one time rejected the automobile and used carriages.

Amish people so far as I can see are pretty nice. I don't think I would like Salafists as neighbors. Muslims, fine, no problem there... Christians.. No problem, Jews no problem... Sikhs, or Hindus or Buddhists... No problem.
Long as they let me live my life we are all cool .... Oh and try to get along with each other!

Mladić Trial to begin in March, 2012

BiH- Serbia Cooperation on war-crimes trials doomed:

Severe Drought Hits Danube Shipping:

And as if drought were not bad enough...

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