Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Middle of the night here...

People must have been in and out of here. The lady next door has two little dogs. I was warned they can be a bit barky, but this is only so if there are strangers. That is what dogs are FOR!
I mind people who don't belong here coming in and out, not the dogs doing what they do.

So you didn't come here for that, here's some news:

So someone from the Dutchbat is going to testify:

Misli Mine!

A couple of longish opinion pieces:

Kultur Korner:

I watched the 60 minutes interview with Angelina Jolie. The trailer for her film was shown. It's probably on a level with 'Nafaka' your basic cheesy war film only at least Nafaka was local all the way. Even the 'American' is an Afro-Bosnian.

I found the brief 'love scene' in the trailer unpleasant and I am no prude, just did not care for it.

Looks like the actual footage related to the war is decent. I do like that she used Bosnian actors, and filmed in a language she herself does not speak. That is edgy and pretty brave.

I will want to actually see the film before deciding what I think.

Angelina Jolie herself kind of unnerves me.

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