Thursday, August 11, 2011


Krv je Krv:

This reminds me of Jim Crow and Apartheid. . .

Some cooments on the article above:

1. I have read Rebbeca West's book 'Black Lamb and Grey Falcon' a number of times and not seen the bit about some men in what was once Yugoslavia beating their wives at the beginning of a marriage to show who is boss. It's a long book. I would have liked an actual citation. Most of the married couples Dame West described were happy.

2. Human trafficking is NOT a new problem in Bosnia. It's pretty much been a problem since the war times.

3. All the societies in the Balkans are patriarchal. That is the case for most of the world.

Shelters for women fleeing violence are inadequate. Women do go back to terrible situations.

I feel sad that some things are worse.

Not Dame West, please, Dame Rebecca. Standards must not slip, even in these times.
Muftic made an interesting point that trafficking has become more of a problem in Bosnia since visa restrictions were lifted, but quite rightly you point out that it's been a problem since the war - since the start of the war, effectively.
Ooops Owen! I am one of those crude Americans ....

I would love to find a war zone where no one was raped or trafficked. Bad enough that people are killed and maimed. Bad enough their homes are destroyed. Bad enough people suffer hunger and fear in war.

Come to think of it, I would be delighted if war and exploitation disappeared.
Owen, I am glad to see you online. What I have seen of the riots in various parts of the UK has been disturbing.
Stay safe.
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