Monday, August 15, 2011


It's a Monday... What can I say?

The cellist went to live in Northern Ireland as I recall. Ironic.

I did not consider BiH that dangerous when I went, I would probably not go to Rwanda just yet.

Then again.., gorillas! Maybe if I were younger and had a Black Belt.

ICTY has been on three week Summer Recess:

Page 3 :

Since I am a girl, the Page 3 position is occupied by a boy.

I don't know how you would find a male more like a young Brigitte Bardot:

And pardon the fact I included 'The Daily Mail' but I liked the pictures:

I guess where his family originally fled answers the ethnicity question.

In another age he would have posed for paintings of angels. No one would have questioned his desire to be beautiful.

At least he doesn't look like my cousin the Duchess of Alba.

There needs to be a law against Botox at that age! The LIPS!!! I may be haunted forever by them..

*** on a personal note, I am still recovering from pneumonia. I am still tired a lot of the time. I am still on oxygen.

I have a helper. She is paid to help me with a few things I can't do so easily on my own. She also is a very long time friend. I really am grateful for the help. In addition to being generally weak, my right arm is messed up.

That means I need help with bathing. Some days my right arm is so weak I can't pick up a coffe cup. I have been used to doing for myself.

The good news though, is this friend needed a bit more work. She has it and I have someone who can help at those times my daughter can't.

I am still coughing stuff up. I still don't get all that hungry. I have been drinking a lot of V-8 juice. I like V-8. It's warm here and V-8 is very refreshing.

Thank God it's not as hot as most years. Most years we get at least some days over 100F. I used to not mind that. I can't cope with that kind of heat anymore. I find I need more oxygen those days. I can go a couple hours off it if I am not doing anything, and it's cool. If it is warm and I am doing anything much, I can be off half an hour. So most of my cooking is of things that take less than half an hour.

All in all I don't think I am doing badly. I would rather have gotten to watch my grandkids, and gone to the Zoo in Seattle. Then again, I am alive.

My goal is to regain my strength and get to where I don't need oxygen. I want to be able to walk to the store and take busses. I miss that.

Oh well. God willing I will di those things again.

"an astounding 656% increase" - from baseline of what?

Sorry to hear it's taking you a lot of effort to get better. Be patient, there's little alternative to letting Dr Time do his best.
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