Tuesday, June 07, 2011


No No No Mr. Mladić ... Your Namevis NOT Bobby Sands:



An interesting opinion piece on Mladić vs bin Ladin cases:


There is not much doubt that both men were helped by the military of the countries they lived in.

Somehow I don't see him going "on the blanket".
Well, I do remember the storybook the četnik who as he looted a shirt from her shop that he had not bathed in over a month, so maybe the 'No Wash' part is sort of possible... but the full on protest as I remember hearing of it was awful. I met two H-Block guys back in the day. Mladić can't carry it off.
Did you notice that in the courtroom he seemed to be able to gesticulate quite capably with the arm that was supposed to be affected by the stroke? I'm not into mocking the afflicted but it looks like pantomime season has got another attraction booked in at The Hague.
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