Thursday, April 21, 2011


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This trial is interesting on so many levels. All I can say is don't do bad things to people, they never forget and if those things are bad enough, you will face justice.

I have been battling further tooth problems, I will be going to the dentist tomorrow YEAAAYH! They will have a look at my awful teeth and figure out a treatment plan for me. I hear they are good. That was welcome news. The State no longer pays for dental care for adults. This is too bad but at least I was able to get an inexpensive dental plan, and get some help. They are kind of out there. I will bus out and my daughter will take me home.

I have been sort of glued to Al Jazeera, the death of Heatherington saddened me. I saw bits of his film 'Restrepo' and was very impressed. He was a good man. Still he knew the risks going in. This sadly is part of the job. War is ugly and God bless the men and women brave enough to show it in it's full light.

Good luck with your teeth. Sad about Heatherington. The whole Libya/Misrata situation is grim. Interesting to see the same old isolationists from Bosnian war times coming out of the woodwork again over Libya - blame the victim again.
Thank you for your kind wishes!
I am watching news of Qadaffi's losing his youngest son Saif al Arab. His mother is Safiya Farkas.

Yes indeed there is a lot of blaming the victims in the Libyan debate. Sadly many of my relatives take that view. They felt that way about Bosnia as well so they are consistant. That said, they are wrong wrong wrongo!
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