Sunday, October 10, 2010



I moved recently. I was staying in a friend's basement and am very grateful for her. She did not have the kind of internet access that allowed me to use the netbook, I had to post by e-mail from my phone instead. At least I had access. Now I have full access. I put in internet the day after I moved in. I am still fairly tired.

It is really two moves in pretty quick succession.

The place I live is a place for people who are low income and either over 62, or disabled. I happen to have several disabilities.

I really like the place. It is light, airy, but in Winter it will be well heated. the heaters are a variant of a type used in Europe actually.

I am located close to two small stores and also a big store with a pharmacy.

This is good because in Winter I will not wish to go too far away.

I am glad to have been able to move before Winter set in. I am also glad to have a nice place with enough room with reliable plumbing, a good fridge and a good stove.I have not always had those things.

I also have mostly pretty nice neighbors and the management is good.
things are well maintained. That is very important.

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