Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Legacy of War Time Rape in Bosnia-Hercegovina

In light of the disrespectful movie Angelina Jolie was going to be in,
this is must reading.

I am feeling a bit feverish tonight. I did take the oportunity to get
a flu shot at the fair. My right ear hurts a little. So if I sm on
less that is why. I have been organizing my place. It is really a
wonderful place, although one of my neighbors has dogs who cry when
she goes out. One is a very cute Pomeranian and the other is a terrier
mix. Many people here do have little dogs. Some have cats. I
personally can't have either because of my allergy to both.

Thank you for that informative link. I'm glas Sabiha Husic raised the issue of the desperate plight of those children - not children now, some will be reaching the threshold of their eighteenth birthday.
I too am glad she raised this issue, because someone had to. I think a lot of people want to sweep this awful history under the rug. The thing is that it's all got to be dealt with PROPERLY. Angelina Jolie's little foray into directing does not fit the bill.
Properly means the appropriate financial and psychological and spiritual support for the victims, not war-porn.
The time these young people and their mothers are going to most feel something is as they start getting married. This is when things will surface and it won't be pretty.
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