Saturday, August 08, 2009



That's what some nut-job yelled from their car at me the other day.

Which brings me to stuff I didn't miss about America, people yelling at one from cars comes pretty close to the top of the list. Why do various idiots out there think that's o.k.?

People don't do it in England, they sort of do it in Ireland but not from cars and NO ONE YELLS STUFF AT WOMEN THEY DON'T KNOW IN BiH, NEVER! at least it never happened to me or got witnessed by me in a whole year in Sarajevo.

I just yelled a friendly, smiling, 'Majka Vam jebi' at him! :)

I miss good pre-paid cell phone service too. Here pre-paid is terrible and it's going to be awhile before I can even consider a contract plan.

I will say that at least Tracfone lets you have some nicer phones now, it's part of why I switched. the double minutes are meaningless before the $30 price range but I like my new camera phone that has radio and a really frustrating game of Tetris to play while I wait for busses.

Tracfone also doesn't ask for a bunch of personal info, unlike Virgin prepaid which wants a lot of the same info a contract plan wants! eeeek!

It's a sexual harrassment. Don't let anybody treat you like that.
It's kind of hard to do anything about it if it's shouts from a moving vehicle! I usually flip them off and insult them some way. It's all that's available since I usually can't catch their license numbeer. I don't see very well.
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