Saturday, August 01, 2009


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Yakima Valley Regional Library!

It's hot, it's so hot it's overwhelmed the air conditioning at home. FEd up with the costs and my inferior cell phone Virgin I went and got a new Tracfone because they have double minutes for the life of that phone, I'm just going to get $20 this month because that's what I can do. The difference on minutes right now is a wash, BUT the phone has Blue Tooth, it has a radio feature, it has longer battery life, and it has a camera. So features wise it's nicer.

Watched Ali G. In Da House last night. That was a lot of fun,
I've become quite a fan of G-4, they advertise themselves as 'Spike for Nerds' !!! They have shows like Web Soup, Attak Of The Show, and the amazingly hilarious Japanese games that go too far, with people jumping and climbing on stuff, then there's Duty Free T.V. with the 'International Sexy Ladies Show' which is somewhat sick but entertaining.
Spike has '1000 Ways to Die' and both stations have a lot of random carnage, as opposed to the natural carnage on NatGeo. I found another channel that is all about guns, any kind of guns and they show actual NRA shooting classes. That was interesting because certain people I know probably need these classes! :)
Ali G In Da House was funny, I'm still laughing about some of it and
I needed a good laugh as hot as it's been here.I especially liked the bit where Ali G meets Borat! That was cute!

It's supposed to go to 108 today! I think it might have made it. I went out with my bottle of ice, and have been lucky getting all the right busses so far. Some Saturdays I manage to not do that.

Anyway, I didn't buy minutes for the new phone because I would have run short I need to go home, roll up some pennies and then it will be o.k.

Then I need to call various people and let them know the new number. I have now three cell phones, and two of them are getting donated to the Women's Shelter.

As a librarian, I approve this post.
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