Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Senator Ted Kennedy Passes

I consider Senator Kennedy's records on Ireland and Bosnia-Hercegovina both to be mixed at best. He voted 'No' on lifting the arms embargo on BiH, and that was a misguided vote to say the least, and frankly I felt he was too wishy-washy on Irish issues. That said, he was mostly positive if you are American.
He voted for Title Nine, which was good for women in athletics, in fact women didn't have sports at the college level to speak of before Title Nine. Sports are good mentally and physically for both men and women.

Ted Kennedy also did a LOT for disabled people, both legislatively and personally. He touched a lot of lives in a positive way. The good he did will live long after him.

Where Ted Kennedy will be most missed is in the matter of the health care debate though. He was early on a proponent of a single payer system. He ended up being pushed out of that position for the usual reasons (the pernicious effects of the insurance lobby...)
But at least he was solidly for it a long time.

Ted Kennedy will be sorely missed. His like will never pass this way again.

Thanks for the write up. I only heard one public mention of Kennedy's death, and that was a couple very rudely (and loudly, I might add) making comments about him at the magazine rack at the B&Ns. :(

On a brighter note, his legislative impact on American life is outstanding, COBRA, ADA, 1965 Civil Rights Act, etc.
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