Saturday, August 15, 2009


Linx Dump Saturday!

what I'm hoping can be a regular feature again, linx dumps for news. I don't like to do it with friends computers because of some of the places I go....

If people abroad had ANY IDEA how nasty the health care debate is getting here in the States, they would challenge our basic civilized nature as a nation!

For Shame! Americans deserve a SINGLE PAYER plan like in BiH or Croatia or Serbia! Why don't we have it? Because people start getting accused of being Socialist or Communist. Never mind that the HUNDREDS of insurance companies have helped bitch up our health care system something aweful!

comments from a source I don't know much about, and haven't evaluated for like rightness or anything.

And to think I was drinking some of this stuff for next to nothing!

top price I ever paid for Croatian or Bosnian wine was 7KM! I had some nice stuff pretty cheap in Dubrovnik too!

Some positive news from the Balkans!


and DUH Marko Pilic aka Marco Polo, totally from Korcula, stop saying he was Venitian already! :)

and some thoughts from Relief Web on BiH

this site has some interesting thoughts, and other worthwhile links to read, but this post *a grownups only NSFW link!*

for example this interesting news, it's sad really.

or this story. I like how Novinite has updated their site, some links are tough to access though, and I don't know why.

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