Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Happy Birthday Mr. President!

I can't do a very good Marylin Monroe ipmpression, I'm not even sure I spelled her name correctly to be honest. I had a sleepless night followed by a very early morning. Anyway, the airconditioner at home is razjebao, as in permanantly razjebao. My computer is in pieces.

An apology would be nice! The cause of death was a virus. I don't know when it got in, or how. Anyway to those of you out there who do viruses, I really want you dead. I can't get a new computer or even a used one for a LONG time to come. I hope you ar really really happy in the General Population of say a Peruvian or Bangladeshi prison. neka Sivi Dom bude svoj dom!

Watched 'Locked Up Abroad' last night, and I am here to say that that episode about a young woman who almost got the death penalty in Bangladesh for drgu smuggling was compelling. Congressman Richarson got her out of there, and she gave full credit to him! She's since gone on to serve America by working for NASA. Bangladesh instituted those penalties because of some outside pressures back in the '70s and '80s anyway.

I'm not a fan of harsh drugs laws. I don't like drugs, I don't do them myself, but I think that jail or prison isn't the ultimate cure. I don't know what you do, apparently even tobacco which is legal has a point where the taxes lead to a black market. Tobacco is a LOT more addictive tham say marijuana, but it doesn't come in for that kind of attention.

Anyway, with the airconditioner gone for good where I live, the manager got box fans for each person. I will be using mine thank God the weather isn't so hot now!

I should mention all my data from my computer was saved, the computer is in pieces in the computer equivalent of a body-bag. It simply fell apart as the hard-drive was being removed and the poor guy who was trying to fix it was afraid I'd be enraged. I however have taken bigger blows lately and I just said 'Well at leat the data's o.k.' thanks for doing what you could!'

But somehow I feel like I should be wearing black!

I had a terrible one that destroyed loads of bits of files and couldn't be fixed in any of the usual straightforward ways. It got past AVG and Spybot and AdAware. I retrieved some data but lost a lot, plus life expectancy.

I'm opposed to capital punishment in principle but I can be persuaded to make an exception for virus creators and circulators. Of course it's people who don't have the money to get it all sorted out for them that end up getting hit the hardest, goes without saying.
yeah, and people without the money, well we can't take effective revenge as in hire someone to take extra-legal action.
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