Wednesday, August 05, 2009



The fans the manager got are great big box fans and they are really nice, I put mine on my desk and turned it on. Works really well hvala Bog!

Anyway, it makes my survival a lot likelier. :)

I was watching Dog Whisperer and messing with a game of Tetris. Man that is a TOUGH game even at the lower levels. Stuff won't do what I want it to, and it kicks my dupa but good! The library is going to be closed between quarters again, so hopefully I will be able to use the computer at a friend's place or make it to the public library from time to time. Medjuvrijeme as hot as it's been expect delays...

Watched the Weather Channel and they had film of the flooding and also of some fires started by lightening in Vancouver Washington. I lived there at one point and saw familiar places going up in smoke and was plain weirded out by it. I remember how wet it was there and the dead possum I thought was a VERY big rat. I also in fact killed a good sized rat there, by defenistration actually.

Was also weirded out to hear that there's been an outbreak of plague in China.

I have lived in two plague endemic areas in my life, Marin county and in New Mexico. So I kind of keep an eye on plague news. Well off to keep cool. Cuvaj se dear readers!

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