Friday, August 14, 2009


Cooling down at last in the Yakima Gulag!

The weather is now a lot cooler than the triple digit heat. Last Saturday, there were fighter jets that overflew the Gulag and gave us some fantastic aerobatics! Haven't seen such a show since they stopped haveing the Air Fair! Serioiusly it was great.

Trouble is I can only upload that stuff by e-mail since all I had with me was the camera phone. The FINE PRINT which should have damned well been bigger said 'not compatable with computer' meaning the data cable wasn't going to work. Why do they do that to people? It's still better than the one I had with Virgin, but easy uploading of pix would be a plus.

So would bigger print about what the device WON'T do. It's not a bad enough thing to want my money back, it's in the catagory of mild annoyances.

Entertainment in the Yakima Gulag:

Wayan Chapman played in Franklin Park last night. He's at Red Lion at Johny's on Fridays and it sounds like a show I need to take in.

He and his keyboard guy have really been around! What were such great musicians sent to our Gulag for? No what did they ever do to anyone?

I guess you could send a picture to someone else whose phone is computer-compatible, but then there's the matter of the cost of sending as well.
I'm waiting until next month and just e-mailing it to myself.There will of course be a cost.One expects that, it's just that that cost is rather higher than I like!
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