Tuesday, July 21, 2009


what's up at this end...

A friend has offered me the chance to go use her computer, it doesn't solve the problem of all my pix on the other one but it DOES seriously help with getting new stuff up, a LOT! Thanks you know who you are! :)

I went in for some medical testing this time of my intestines. I have had problems there for YEARS, BAD problems. Anyway they told me no signs of cancer, always nice news, but that I do have lesions which will be tested. They had me on the drug Micheal Jackson is alleged to have been fond of. If he was I can see why! Man all your problems go away, along with your brain..... And you feel so GOOD and you do come out as less than a klutz, but you need a keeper possibly for a few hours or days. I went into an early deep sleep, t hen I woke up repeatedly in the night to watch stuff about the Space Race and the original Moon Walk on Geographic Channel. I really was into the whole space thing so was my sister who lives in Idaho.

She got on all space related mailing lists and they all sent us lovely photos of the mone, of equipment and marvelous proganda and so forth.

My son's girlfriend is related to a former astronaut so there are even closer space ties in the family. So yeah, all night watching all spacy stuff. More posts later.

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