Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Way Hot in the Yakima Gulag

which perhaps has something to do with the unusual number of shootings in the Yakima Gulag. People here are used to some heat but even we can get a little too much.

I was sort of feverish two nights in a row so I'm talking to someone at the clinic. It's really wierd I tried to find them in the phone book. Couldn't. Finally my untidy cell phone habits paid off, I found their number so I saved it.

Maybe their number was there and I just didn't see it. Don't see that well.

I was watching a film on National Geographic Channel about Megafauna in Australia and was impressed by the Original people of Australia on all sorts of counts. Fascinating.

My daughter once met someone of this unique background, a camp counselor named Karen, who showed her about 'Thinking Stones' sometimes called 'Clever Stones'

Then Road Trip Nation was on and they went to Ayer's Rock and Alice Springs. The Original Australian people have always fascinated me, both as people who have survived horror and as people who lived in a difficult place.

I learned that Original Australians actually were using grinding stones to process foods long before people in other lands! like 10,000 or 20,000 years before in the Middle East!

As well that they were originally much larger and taller people who left 12 inch long tracks and could run at high speed for long distances.

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