Thursday, July 16, 2009


Tecnical Difficulties

I really hope I can have my computer fixed soon. Given that internet clubs/cafes are thin on the ground in the Yakima Gulag, expensive and rare, that leaves coffee houses with WiFi as my easiest option. I need to have t he data pulled and then Windows needs to be re-installed. That is supposed to buy me some time.

Medjuvrijeme, I went to the public library downtown. Summitview is on a bus run that is hourly, it's Hellish hot here so I don't like waiting for the bus that long. You don't wait for a computer once you are there USUALLY, last time I did have to wait.

Downtown there's always a wait, but it's only half an hour between busses that would get me back. I am basically still on 3 bus lines.

Anyway, I don't know if it was their computer or Flikr that was at fault, but I sat there WAITING an HOUR for my stuff to upload, and it didn't upload, I had to leave before I even knew that it totally hadn't uploaded. I can't upload here at Raymond Hall. The college has some kind of rules enforced by modifications that prohibit me from doing it.

I also have to stand to use the computer which isn't good for me. 1. If anything goes razjebao, then I get too hot. I then get dizzy, and there isn't always someone I can ask for help. They ARE really good at extending time if it's really needed. But I can't upload here.

I almost didn't need to have a computer in Sarajevo, here I do, and for the time being I don't.

A lot of what I want to upload are the best fireworks pictures I've EVER taken. Plus t here's still stuff on my computer from Lopez Island.

That brings me to another annoyance, the social networking sites.... I just sort of got used to one social networking site... and then for varying reasons I have been forced (by family members who are loved, but....shall remain nameless....) to migrate to another site, just when I learned to use the first one....

That kind of thing annoys me. Next I suppose they'll want me to Twitter! jebiga bilo kako...

,,, ,,,stumps grumpily off into the hot noon sun.

Breaking news:

Two Serb war criminals received Life Sentence and 30 years imprisonment for burning Bosniak women and children alive. Unfortunately, the Prosecution made mistake and failed to include rape charges against them.

Milan Lukic and Sredoje Lukic are from Rujiste village, located near the border with Srebrenica municipality.

Please write a word or two about these monsters on your blog. Thank you!
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