Monday, July 13, 2009


Srebenica Massacre 14 years on...

My belief is that if there had been no massacre at Srebenica, there probably would not have been an attack on the U.S. on Sept 11th 2001.

The massacre at Srebenica was a disgrace to the Western world because had there been a more timely intervention in the Bosnian war by outside forces maybe it would not have happened. lives on all sides would have been saved. I think of all the people who died such cruel deaths and their families pretty regularly. I did before I ever went to Bosnia or knew part of my family was of Bosnian origins. I felt strongly enough that it was the first intervention by my country in my lifetime that I SUPPORTED whole heartedly. Incidentally thank you from the bottom of my heart to any service members who served in Bosnia and tried to help!

Certainly Srebrenica was an important factor in the radicalisation of young British Muslims that led to the London Underground bombings. John Major and Douglas Hurd owe the survivors, the families of the victims and the British public generally an apology for their crass, cruel and ultimately stupid policies with regard to Bosnia. What the Islamist terrorists did with their anger was inexcusable, but it is hard to argue that the depth of that anger wasn't justified.
Well, the young British Muslims had other factors besides Srebenica to radicalize them but the lack of intervention by major powers like the United States under the first Bush, and the British government of the time certainly didn't help.

There are some things Britain does to this day way better than it's done in the U.S. though, there is a bit more accomadation towards people who differ religiously from the mainstream of British society. It's worked in better thand it is here. I think that helps considerabley.
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