Friday, July 10, 2009


Sarajevo ili Yakima Gulag?




Alright, tell me if you think these pix are in Yakima or Sarajevo?

tell me why for each one too! :)

In spite of the Colonial style of the building in the middle picture, I think the car gives the location away in the middle picture. That one's Sarajevo.

In the lower picture I suspect either the American builder would have removed the rock in the middle of the hedge or the landscape gardener would have designed the hedge around it. So Sarajevo.

And to balance those two the prunings are from Yakima.
Yakima, thank you for these wonderful photos.

Please do write a post or two about the Srebrenica genocide.

As you know, 14th anniversary was held yesterday, July 11th 2009.

Cheers! :)
Actually this is a bit of South 18th Ave behind Grace Luterna in Yakima. I'm surprised no one commented on the slice of sidewalk! That is so typical for Sarajevo but not that usual in the States! I s hould have photographed more sidewalks like that in Sarajevo but just didn't too busy not killing my ankles on them.
Got that really wrong, didn't I?!
I don't know if you've been to Sarajevo or not, but having been both places, I was charmed by this tiny little block that could have been someplace on Bjelava! Especially I was charmed by it since even though I have lived here in the Yakima Gulag over 20 years, I had never been on this street before! :)
They're nice pictures. You're going to have to do a Yakima Daily Photo Blog, or Every Other Day Photo Blog, or even Once in a While Photo Blog.
I might sometime...
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