Thursday, July 30, 2009


God How I miss HT Eronet!

actually I miss all Balkans area pre-paid cell plans compared to in the U.S. When you aren't paying for incoming you ARE paying Daily Access Fees. Both of these are really evil features of American pre-paid mobile phone plans I wish would go away like NOW
In BiH (and a lot of other Balkans countries...) you can call the police or get incoming calls even when you have no remaining credit, because those calls are free. The cell phone companies BIT doing that to us and they should STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT NOW!

Holy kcrap. Yakima Gulag refugee returns? Voluntarily? REALLY?! You must be a masochist. Nice to see you on the bus the other day. Sheesh, how the @#$! does one contackt you privately? I don't see an e-mail in your profile. Oh well, guess that cuts down on spam and censorship attempts from the local fasci-drones. Seizure Ladle.

-Fellow Commy-Libs for Rush member from the [not-so] Old Days
Well Not Quite Voluntarily, the Market crash made my immediate return inevitable. Capitalism, can't live with it can't live without it. It's like economic crack cocaine!
Oh I know who you are, the puns gave it all away, fellow rudnik! just drop a line in comments with a valid e-mail address, and contact can be established that way!

The censors can do what they will you must not have heard of Karnivore or Echelon! But the Spammers do have to hop a bit! :)
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